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Power generators by Vardayani Power

Efficient, well-designed, technologically updated.

Power generators rentals and solutions provided by Vardayani Power offered are technologically advanced designs for all kinds of industrial requirements, with a guaranteed certified quality from the producers of these diesel generators. Diesel generators are electric generators, which are devices that converts mechanical energy obtained from an external source into electrical energy as the output. Vardayani Power understands the need for quality assurance in the field of industrial requirements for diesel generators on rent or solutions, hence Vardayani Power provides with only pre-tested, branded diesel generators from quality conscious brands with standardized globally accepted certificates of quality and control. Vardayani Power itself is pre-certified by ISO 9001 standards of process quality.

Generator rental range

Diesel generators provided by Vardayani Power undergo a pre-defined form of inspection for quality assurance, the list of tests include: visual and dimensional check, measurement and calculation of characteristics, temperature rise test, noise and vibration measurement, hydrostatic test of mechanical equipment, mechanical running test for vibration, noise and performance, operation of circuit breaker, and check of protection and synchronization devices, for providing with products which could fulfil client satisfaction the most.

Diesel generators at Vardayani Power are well-equipped designs for industrial consumption and are qualitatively tested before renting or lending the diesel generators. The rentals and solutions at Vardayani Power are environment-friendly and are overviewed for quality checks under the standards for environment and safety norms stated by the government and officials.